Facebook Groups

Ready to stop robocalls?

Have you bought the "Turning Robocalls Into Cash" kit? Or are you still waiting, because you're afraid you won't understand how to make it work for you?

Either way, we've got good news... has two facebook groups designed to help you stop robocalls, and make the robocallers pay you. Each of the groups has a specific role, and we wanted to let you know that what each of them is, and how you can join.

First, there's the main page, "Turning Robocalls Into Cash", which is designed to answer basic robocall questions, and share news about robocalls case law, and changes to robocalls legislation. There are about 1500 followers of that page, where consumer credit expert and kit creator Doc Compton is a frequent contributor. Compton also frequently hosts live robocalls question and answer videos there.

Next, there's the "Robocalls To Cash Members Only" group, designed for those who've already purchased the kit. At present, that group has about 500 members. Many of those members have collected anywhere from a few hundred dollars in settlements, all the way up to in the tens of thousands of dollars in robocalls settlement checks! In this group, members share specific information about robocallers they've dealt with, and share major insider secrets. The members only group has helped quite a few new kit users on a path to big checks. Simply speaking, the other members help drastically shorten the learning curve.

So whether you've already purchased the "Turning Robocalls Into Cash" kit or not, you should join one of the groups. You'll no doubt find tons of valuable information about dealing with robocalls.